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New Yaris?


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Taken from the AA website:

"Daytime running lights are designed to come on automatically when the engine is started - all other lights should remain off.

Daytime running lights must be bright enough that they can be seen clearly in daylight and as a result are too bright to be used at night time when they would cause dazzle. Daytime running lights should therefore go off automatically when headlights or sidelights are switched on."

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Should have got a Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo.

DRL fitted as standard and are great.

Very pleased with mine.

Was a bit concerned originally changing from a T to a Skoda, about the ride comfort (sport suspension, 17"alloys & lowered) but its proving a very nice ride indeed.

It’s true that all manufacturers have problems from time to time.

It’s how the dealer tackles these probs that makes buying a particular make for a
good experience or not.

I only went to Skoda after very poor service from the T dealer. (Not just sales
but also service. going back 3 times and still not sorted)

He also considered my Y diesel worth less than petrol with only 16K miles. How he
got to that I don’t know.

I did go to two T dealers; the same, not bothered attitude was evident in both.

That was also another consideration as to changing car models.

But hey ho, thats life.

Enjoy whatever you have got.


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