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Diy Installation Of Led Switchback Bulbs And Led Flasher Relay

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This DIY is to demonstrate the installation of the iJDMToy 7440 Switchback LED turn signal bulbs and replacement LED Flasher unit.

The bulbs will appear as DRL's and illuminate white with the parking lights on. They will flash amber when the turn signals are used.

The LED Flasher Relay will allow the LED lights to flash at the factory speed without the need to install resistors at each lamp location.

The installation will require several small hand tools and some wiring skill.

Needed for job:

2 LED Switchback 7440 Turn Signal bulbs

1 Toyota LED Flasher Relay

2 Inline wire connectors

Vinyl tape

10mm socket and ratchet

Phillips screw driver

Flat head screw driver

The switchback LED bulbs and flasher...


Here you can see the third wire that will connect to the parking light positive wire...


Remove the stock turn signal bulb and replace with the switchback LED bulb...


Replace the bulb in the socket, the third wire will thread through the outside of the rubber seal. Be sure not pinch the wire in one of the plastic tab slots...


Run the third wire along the stock wire loom. For a clean installation appearance you can remove the vinyl tape from the loom and insert the wire then tape it back...


Using a butt in connector splice the third wire to the positive wire of the parking light...


To install the LED flasher relay, remove the center "v" piece of the console below the head unit housing, remove the head unit housing, remove the lower kick panel on the driver side then remove the end dash piece...


Remove the dash piece above the gauge cluster by pulling towards you...


Here you see the location of the stock flasher relay...


For easier access you may remove the gauge cluster by removing the two Philips head screws. Unplug the wire plug by using a pair of long nose pliers to disengage the clip...


Here is the wire plug removed...


At this point you may plug the new flasher unit into the stock wire plug and place back in the dash opening or you can remove the stock flasher by prying up the white anchor plug...


The new LED flasher unit mounted to the stock white anchor plug...


Place the new LED flasher relay in the stock anchor hole in the dash and test that everything works before reassembling the dash...

The new LED switchback bulb with the parking lights on...


The new LED switchback bulb with the turn signal flashing amber...


Once you have ensured that all bulbs are working correctly you can put the dash back together and enjoy your new turn signals.

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The new relay works with the LED bulbs to prevent "hyper-flashing". It restores the flash speed to the correct factory setting. If the relay were not replaced a resistor would need to be placed at each lamp location to slow the blink speed back down to normal.

The bulbs can be found here iJDMToy switchback LED bulbs

The LED Flasher relay can be found here iJDMToy Toyota / Lexus LED Flasher Relay

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I'm sure I read somewhere else on this forum that you can purchase LED indicator lights with the resistor already built-in; so potential for direct replacement and no dismantling of the dash


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