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Diy Installation Of 194 Led License Plate Bulb

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The stock 194 Wedge bulb used for lighting the rear license plate on the iQ is not the brightest bulb (pun intended) so I changed it out to a 194 Wedge type LED bulb from iJDMToy. It's a simple job and the results are much better than stock.

The only tools you'll need are a flat head screw driver or a plastic trim removal tool.

The light bulb can be accessed from the under side of the rear bumper just above the license plate...


Using a flat head screw driver or a plastic trim removal tool, press on the black plastic tab located at the end of the lens and push towards the lens. The entire black plastic housing will be removed from the bumper, not just the lens.



When you have the housing removed, turn the bulb socket counter clockwise and the socket will come lose from the housing...


Gently pull on the stock bulb and it will come out of the socket. Replace the stock bulb with the LED bulb and turn on the lights to check that it lights. If it does not, reverse the bulb and try again. The LED bulb is polarity conscious and will only light if installed correctly.


Once you are sure everything is working properly, the installation is the reverse of the removal.


Here you can see the stock lighting...


And the difference with the LED bulb is clear to see...


An easy job but the result is well worth the short time it takes to accomplish.

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Ha i can see people on here wanting to keep the bulb as dim as possible and maybe with a bit of added mud. To keep the speed camera's off your back


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We even have SPECS http://www.speedcamerasuk.com/specs.htm that moniter you average speed over a stretch or road (mostly motorways. So for example if you are on the motorway for 30 miles you have to make sure your average speed between cameras does not go above 70mph or what ever the speed limit is set at. And these cameras can be spaced out pretty frequently within that 30 mile distance.

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That sucks! We have radar in use here on the highways but there is always a live officer holding the radar gun and usually they don't go a great job of hiding. They like to use the same locations all the time so we know where they will be.

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