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Servicing Thoughts And Independent Query

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I have a 2010 Avensis Tourer. I purchased a Service Plan for 10k, 20k & 30k service, the latter completed yesterday, total plan price was £613 (from RRG), which I didn't think was too bad.

As expected, they presented me with a price for a new service plan, for 40k, 50k & 60k, what wasn't expected was the price @ £1,011.

They say it includes all items, including Brake fluid change, Air Con service - both @ 40k & 60k - one free MOT and two half price MOT's. Looking at Toyota's web site:

40k: Full +, £349

50k: Intermediate, £159

60k: Full, £229

Thus £737, leaves £274 for 2 x Brake Fluid changes, 2 x Air Con plus, 2 half price MOT's, so by Toyota's pricing it's probably about right.

Overall, though I still think it's very expensive. I've always been a Dealer loyalist, but wondering if it's time to consider an independent?

Firstly, can anyone recommend an independent in the Greater Manchester region, happy to travel.

Secondly, my big concern is will anything be missed by going to an independent. The Full + @ 40k looks to cover lots of things, hence the hefty price tag, just worried something important might be overlooked...

I guess I'm looking for reassurance that if I go independent it wont cost me more in the long run whereby something is missed and then is expensive to resolve when something goes wrong...

Thanks in advance.

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I can understand your concern at the price - that said most decent air con jobbies are £50 - £60 a go and MOT full price is I believe now over £50.

I think I would stay with Mr T - perhaps we are lucky and our Mr T does the job for us every time - courtesy car FOC, call to say car ready, car back on time, valeted and a follow up phone call a few days later to make sure all is okay

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