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Sat Nav Bluetooth Telephone And Music Streaming Pairing

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I have just bought my first IQ with the sat nav unit and trying to get my Samsung Galaxy S3 connected to the bluetooth. It seems that you can only connect for either the telephone or the media profiles and not both together. Each time I try to use both profiles, it drops the pairing and I need to re-initialise the pairing process. I know that the manual says this but isn't this slightly limiting in that you can only use one function of the smartphone at a time?

Has anyone else come across this issue and any workarounds?

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I havnt used it with a s3 but i have used it with 3 different models of the iPhone. The "trick" seems to be to first pair it as a bluetooth audio device then pair it as a phone. If you do it in a different order then you keep on loosing one


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Hi David - thanks for the tip.

How do I do this - specifically pair it as an audio device only? When I pair the phone, it downloads both profiles so I'm not sure how to

pair it as audio only. Am I missing something in the pairing process?

Interestingly enough, it works for both when I pair it however, it fails to automatically reconnect when I next start the car even with auto connect on.



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