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Flooded Avensis

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Hi folks,

2003 Avensis 5 door

This is new one to me, I had the spare wheel out the other day, found some water in the spare wheel well, so I drained it then noticed the wooden cover for the jack was a bit wet, on removing this I found the jack underwater!!! and the wheel well full of water too, anybody know how this might of happened?


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Hi Rob

I feel your pain, but you'll notice this topic has been covered many times before if you search this forum, i had this problem which at the time was very distressing,especially discovering it the day after buying it.

A few years back i purchased a 2001 1.8 sr Avensis hatchback, For the hell of me i couldn't discover where the water was coming from, as i couldn't live with that horrible smell of dirty water...a soaking boot mat...and the swimming pool itself...i went on a mission to fix it...i remember removing my rear bumper and sealing off some vents that i found to each side of the car that sit behind the bumper...result was i still had the swimming pool as before....so i went on a mad one and silicone sealed all around my boot seal...tail lights...and around the boot strut seals too...what ever it was i fixed it...not a single drop of water after!!!

I'm sorry that i can't help you any more than this but i hope you find your source of water leak and fix it too...goodluck.

Sammy :football:

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Thanks Sammy, how handy it is that I'm a wall and floor tiler then, I attacked it with some clear silicone, I had a look during the rain and it's so obvious where it goes, what a mistake to make toyota. Seems to be fixed and I watch the water safely travel down past the lights and off down past the bumper now :)

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