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Shaking Steering Wheel

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my mrs as owned a yaris for about 9years it had 10,000 miles on the clock when we got it. Serviced every 12months with mot,so full service record.Apart from having a new cv joint near side at about 40,000m no problems.until last week when shaking steering wheel at 50mph up to 65mph started we really do not no exactly when it did start because the mrs only does up to 45mph max i got in it doing over 50mph steering wheel shake.Took it to local gagage the mechanic checked everything he can,t find the fault, thinks it might be engine unbalanced at 50mph to 65 mph put foot on clutch while running shake goes away.just wondering if anyone as got the same problem.Its a1.0 gs 2002.

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Sounds like wheel balance.

Take it to a tyre centre and ask them to check the balance of the front wheels - probably cost a few pounds per wheel. While they have them on the balancer check the wheels are true too in case there has been an argument with the kerb and one is a little bent.

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Yeah, the Yaris I just bought had a weird wheel vibration; Lightly at ~50, then went away as you continued accelerating, but then came back very strongly at 70mph.

Had the tyres swapped onto the steel wheels and balanced, been super smooth since.

(Also, weirdly, the ride quality seems much smoother on steel wheels... wtf?!)

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Shaking steering wheel on wive's Yaris is now sorted. I took it to a garage where I work in Bolton because it had developed a noise on the front end, which turned out to be the Anti- Roll Bar links. Whilst I was there I mentioned about the shaking at 50 mph plus. When they checked, they found the problem was the nearside drive shaft at the gear box end, causing the shaking at the said speed. The cost was £44.95 for shaft £25.00 labour. Sorted !!! The Yaris now runs great. :clap:

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