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Avensis With Key Only Unlocks Itself

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Hi guys,

Hope someone can help here. I have a 98 Avensis 2L Turbo Diesel, I disabled the alarm a while ago after the fob got wet, so I use the key for locking\unlocking. Recently the car has started to unlock itself for no reason, sometimes right after I lock the car and sometimes minutes\hours after I've locked it, it's just totally random. Sometimes it does remain locked as it should. Until I get the fob fixed\replaced i'm in a bit of a pickle. Has anyone come across a similar issue or can anyone suggest a way I can resolve this one?

Many thanks in advance,


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It's possible that the soaked fob is still trying to perform some function, while it is drying (or rusting) on the side table in your hallway.

Does the random unlocking also occur if you remove the Battery from the soaked key?

If the unlocking occurs with no batteries in any of your key fobs, there's something more serious goming on. :(

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Hi Thermal,

Good troubleshooting tip, guess it's possible the soaked fob is returning to some form of life. It did seem like the fob had fully died but maybe not. I'll remove Battery and see how it goes. Thanks for the reply,


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