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Yes I know , new owner, but I've had 2001 AVENSIS in the last ten years , 2000 Mercedes in the last 8 years and a BMW in the last 6 years and a Range Rover in the last 2 years and now I have an Avensis 2004 and no light in the GLOVE BOX , either it's well hidden or it doesn't exist , I'd love to believe that I'm an IDIOT an just can't find it , PLEASE TELL ME IM AN IDIOT, I can't have stepped back in time and ended up with a car that doesn't have a glove box light , my first Chrysler Avenger in 1978 had a glove box light ??????????

Anyone out there willing to make me HAPPY and tell me I am an IDIOT and it does exist :) please

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Firstly you are not an idiot. All cars are different and it takes a while to get to know them. There is a glove box light on my car. The switch is located top right of the frame and the light is just behind the switch and above the actual box. The reason that it is not in the box itself is because the glove box has to be removed to access the polllen filter.


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checked and removed the glove box but sadly , no courtesy light in the glove box, may end up fitting one myself but its strange. perhaps someone removed it .

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