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Long Distance Driving In The Cruiser

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We've just done a long distance trip from NE Scotland down to North Norfolk & back for two weeks break, 500 odd miles each way. The car is very responsive on motorway runs and still getting around 57mpg on the D4D model even at mid 60s speeds most of the way.

I've found that the seats get very uncomfortable after an hour or so, no matter what position I try. In particular its the base that seems to start to cause problems. Height adjustment doesn't make much of a difference either. Anyone else here finding it a problem on long trips?

Ironically I find our iQ far more comfortable, the seats are far superior in every way, which is quite annoying since the iQ is more suited for city driving and much cheaper :/

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Can,t say as I only drive shortish distances, between the South of the IOM and Douglas (26 miles there and back). Did drive to Doncaster last year and must admit I didn,t suffer any lasting pain.I know it sounds stupid but I also drive a Petrol version as well as the Diesel, and find that a pain in the butt (literally)

Regards Clare

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Hi Clare,

I think, looking at various road tests mentioned on the web, the length of the seat base has something to do with it, Its not long enough for me and most of the road testers I've found said much the same thing. Its also too firm, which makes it worse. The pedals are that bit closer to the driver's seat compared to most cars I've driven at length, which means even with the steering wheel adjustment fully out it ends up further from the driver that I prefer once I've got the seat set in the most comfortable position I can find to compensate for the lack of seat length. Problem is I'd never have found out all this in a pointless 15 - 20 mins road test most garages expect a customer to find enough to decide on if a car is worth buying.

All sounds a bit complicated, but it just means it feels OK to start with, but after a long while it starts to become very uncomfortable because its design doesn't support me well enough for that length of time. Our iQ is far superior...

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Just be glad it's not a Mk1 Yaris! :lol:

I drove 200 miles in one shot in mine once... my ***** and shoulders were not happy let me tell you!

The IQ is funny because it's like being inside an Avensis or something but with the nose and back half chopped off :lol:

But yeah, very comfy!

Say... I wonder if I could put IQ seats into my Yaris... :naughty:

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I have a trip to Manchester from Newcastle this Saturday and was wondering about comfort. The Wife and Outlaws will also be in the U/C too. With the wet weather we have had this week and it's going to turn cold wondered which car to take.

I thought of a better idea. I am taking the Discovery which will be far more comfortable and keep the others further away. ;)

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I drive from Bolton to St Albans and reverse & find the seats very comfrtable the trick I find is to lower the steering as far down as it will go but for fuel comsumption I can get near to 70mpg at around 60

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Having read this post, I was nervous about travelling 820 miles in my Urban Cruiser over one long weekend. I took a cushion each for me and my wife.

I needn't have worried! The ride of 400 miles in 8 hours was far more comfortable each way than in my IQ.

I can only conclude that when some people find the seats uncomfortable for long journeys it is their specific seat set up, or their specific combination of weight, size and shape that causes the issues for them.

I replaced my IQ with the UC due to the need to do this journey several times a year including winter, and though I loved my IQ, I couldn't be happier. Only thing missing is Cruise Control!

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