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7A-Fe Ht Leads Problems And Replaced

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I started a thread about my car not liking supermarket fuel, because my car had what turns out to be misfire, happened not long after filling up with Asda petrol. I used most of that petrol and filled up with Shell petrol. The change was amazing. No hiccup in most situations - there was a slight hiccup but no way as bad as with the supermarket fuel.

I decided to use Sainsbury fuel nearly 2 weeks back and the hiccup came back a bit. Not as bad as before, but it was there. Well last week it got really bad. I decided to change the HT leads since I bought them when I bought new spark plugs (Denso Iridium) a month back.

What a difference and cure. All the problems were down to the HT leads! I had change the HT leads nearly 4 years ago. Those leads replaced the original Toyota leads which did over 10 years service.

I hope these leads last as long the first set.

Now I can put any fuel I want. :thumbsup:

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Nice one Konrad,

I have come across the same thing over the years especially since the newer type carbon string leads came out which was actually a very long time ago. I don't think they are as good as the old copper wire type but with this type you needed suppressor caps to avoid radio interferrence. Anyway what a good result for you not needing to put decent fuel in now, LOL ... pity I can't/won't put the cheapo derv in mine then.

I have just treated mine to a bottle of Forte diesel additive as I do twice a year, never tried Mistermenas BG 244 as yet.


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