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Auris Sr180 Springs

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I bought some Eibach pro-kit sportline springs for my SR180 which i thought lowered the vehicle, but after fitting the front and finding no discernible difference, i know want to sell the set, which includes front worn SR180 springs (circa 15k miles) and new rear.

£50, to collect or arrange your own freight.

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just to confirm, you're selling the original Toyota SR180 springs which used to be on your car, and new, unfitted rear Eibach pro springs?



Yes, i fitted the front and so left them on. The rear have not been fitted, so i have used front springs and new rear as a package to sell to anyone who can use them to lower their Auris. I think techinically they are exactly the same as factory fitted SR180 springs, i was misled into thinking they would lower my SR180.

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thanks, if they were the full Eibach set, I may have been interested because there have been at least two reports on here that they further reduce body roll over the standard sr180 springs- something that I'm looking for! The two people who reported didn't comment on the lowerage though.

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I'm one of the guys who have these fitted and recommended them. As far as I can tell, they barely reduce the ride height of an SR180 at all. But as I bought them in order to reduce body roll (which they do), I have kept them on and enjoy the improvement. If I wanted to seriously lower the ride height, then I'd have bought a set of BC coilovers which also have adjustable damping. Unfortunately I can't justify a thousand pounds to buy them & have them fitted and aligned. For track days or serious show use then fair enough, but not for a road car used daily. The Pro-kit springs are ideal for that.

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