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Starting/running Probs

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I have a 2002 Rav4 D4D.

It recently started to be difficult to start. It also had a serious loss of power when it did start. It seems to get to normal temperature fairly quickly. This could be due to having my foot flat on the floor to get it to go. On idle it is fine. I replaced the glo plugs, which made no difference. I was told it would be the EGR valve sticking. I have taken it off and cleaned it with carb cleaner, replaced it and that has made no difference either. Sometimes the engine management light comes on, sometimes it doesn't. When it does, it will go off and stay off by turning the engine off and restarting. Once it gets to normal temperature the car is fine and runs the way it should.

Any ideas guys???

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Try pumping that little plunger on top of the filter before a cold start and see if it is any better. You could also try leaving the ignition on for another 5 or 6 seconds after the glow plug light goes out. Don't do the both together though!

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I have tried turning the ignition on a few times to get the plugs warmed. not really sure if it makes a lot of difference.

I would like to solve the problem, rather than just overcome it tho.

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if the above is true then check with injection quality

Would injection quality just affect it when it was cold?

of course

in details --- when injected at pressure less then designed -- this leads to an noverfueling of the cylinder/s leading to have a braking effect when diesel is being burnt on the expansion line of the gases (when piston goes down)


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