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Passenger Airbag Deactivation

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Need help!!! Need to turn this off this afternoon to place my baby in front of the car but despite trawling Google there is no information available anywhere on how to do it!

Please help!!!!


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As Above.

re the American recall on the Scion for Airbags, they were different.

Part of it was the Air Bags Sensors along with the wiring.

this is from the recall.

"These Airbag Sensors, called the 'Occupant Classification System', detect weight placed on the front passenger seat and determine whether to deactivate the front Airbag for a Baby Seat or small child."

I think i prefer the UK system where you know they are off.

Personally i think i would rather have the Baby Seat safely in the Back Seat of an iQ, but understand the baby can not see you,

& you will be inclined to keep looking over.


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Tis indeed in the handbook.

Somewhere there is a switch for the airbag on and off and you have to insert the vehicle key and turn it. If you have the keyless ignition you need to extract the emergency key from the side of the key fob. Once turned off the display by the radio should illuminate to say it is turned off, don't forget to turn it back on again once you are done.

Not sure where the switch is though as I've never been looking for it. Probably under the dash somewhere near the bonnet catch handle or the same location but on the passenger side?


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