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I've had my 2010 Gen 3 Prius for two months now and although i think it's an amazing car, there's one thing that really bothers me. The excessive road / tyre noise. I have read several comments on this through the forum but i'm unsure as to what to do to remedy it. One thought was to change to Michelin tyres but to what extent would this help. My existing tyres are the original T3 Gen3 Bridgestones and as the car has only 9000 miles on the clock, there is very little wear on them. Has anyone changed to Michelin and what sort of difference did it make. It seems a drastic action to take to reduce the noise but to be honest I find it a real problem having a conversation with anyone in the back seats. Even listening to the radio requires the volume to be turned up high. On the rare occasions when i drive on to new tarmac the difference is amazing with almost no tyre noise at all. Any help / advice on this matter would be appreciated.



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My 2nd gen Prius is the same. For the price of the car, there sure was a lot of penny-pinching going on. It's not noisy enough to be annoying but it is very noticeable after travelling in other cars. Maybe changing tyres would help but then you'd most likely be swapping fuel for noise... Personally, I just put up with it but I'm seriously considering a change of vehicle soon and it most probably won't be a Toyota.

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