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Hello to all

Just bought my first rav its a 2005 vvti xt4. Is there anything i should be looking out for or any recommended mods that others have done. Enjoying the driving so far. Have noticed it can be noisy in the cab, will swapping wheels round help.


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Hi Kev

Assuming the service history is up-to-date then you might consider some maintenance tasks that are often missed.

Generally the brakes benefit from a quick strip clean and lube every two years, including a brake fluid change.

Definitely check your rear brake pads remove the callipers and lube everything, these are very prone to seizing.

(While your there you can check and lube the drum parking pads)

The throttle body is drive by wire, if you experience jerky idle consider giving the throttle body a clean mine was very dirty at 50K.

Consider replacing the auxiliary belt if it looks cracked.

Clean the internal cabin filter every month or so, this only takes a minute and you will be amazed the muck that falls out.

Otherwise these are very reliable cars.


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Just whit the Forum needs....yet anurra Scottish Kev........welcome abroad, Matey. There are many Scottish Land Stealers on here, but they are trying to make amends by being relatively "helpful"......

Your car's normal description is "bombproof", and you have immediately found out they have varying reports on road noise. Some report ok, others say unacceptable tyre roar. Good nods from Ian above, and also look at inside faces of brake discs....those of your vintage had a nasty habit of corroding and pitting badly. Deffo worth brake fluid change unless service history says done recently. Otherwise they are stonkful cars, and if you are gonnae do your own Oil changes (seemples), ah will send you a PM with a wee tool number which will help.

Will also PM numbers of good windae wipers in preparation for the weather youz get up there....dinnae fash yursell....

Big Kev from Weejville.

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Thanks guys for the responses,

kev that details for the items mentioned would be good. had a shocker this morning. went into tesco came out big crack across windscreen, need new screen. Getting fitted on Friday. something else started. noise from rear wheels sounds like something stuck on wheel as noise gets faster/slower with speed. nothing obvious on checking any ideas.


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You may have a recent repetitive thing on here Kev, in that the rear brake back plate / dust guard corrodes and leans towards the wheel. Also try what Anchorman would tell ye.....when noise happens, gently brake and listen to see if noise changes. If it changes that would point to discs having a wear/corrosion ridge that Shergar couldnae get over.....

Read some recent reports from Arthur "The Striding Man".....his just went through MOT with the backplates gubbed and passed.

Big Kev.

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Hullawrerr new Kev welcome to a very helpful forum. Lots of good advice so far and all very relevant. The rear brakes don't like being stood idle for extended periods of time and the rear axle backplates/dirt guards can be prone to some nasty corrosion.

The noise you describe was exactly what I noticed and it was from part of the dirt guard which had detatched, and was rubbing against the inside of the alloy wheel. New replacements are very pricey but my MOT man passed it as the thicker gauge steel where the shoes attach was sound.

Lots of mods planned....side steps, wee spoiler, front A bar etc,etc.

Planning to keep ours for a while so mods worth doing.

Enjoy yours, they are addictive.

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I can see why they could be addictive. where do you folks buy parts.


It will become apparent soon, Kev, we have a parts supplier extraordinaire who has a particular affliction only this month of a very strange top lip. He goes by the name of Kingo aka Parts King.....he will be along soon, and sends you golf balls for me with every order placed....

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