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Hi all, have just part exchanged a 2010 Hilux extra cab, 2007 VW R32 and my wife's 2012 Fiat 500 and ended up with 2011 Rav4 XT-R AWD in Deep Titanium for me and a 2012 Yaris TR in Burning Red for the wife (and some cash back!!!).

Bit of a shock coming from a 3.2 V6 golf to the Rav4 but I have to say I am really enjoying it, even more so when I'm not filling it with fuel every five minutes!!!!!

The wife is loving her Yaris over the Fiat 500, she has already added fog lights and had the windows tinted before she collected it from the dealer.

Have used forums a lot in the past and am hoping that this won't change, I'm looking to add the front guard, roof rails and the rear under run to the Rav real soon, so hope someone on here can help with prices and fitting instructions.


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Hi Mark welcome to the club.

you will get plenty of help and advice if you post on the RAV4 and Yaris forums on here.

Enjoy both the new cars.

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