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Prius Warning

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Hey guys.

My mum's prius is a 2007 on a 57 plate.

She got in the car today around midday. She put the key fob in the hole. Pressed the start button as you do. But it didn't start. The ready light didn't come on, the little green boxes around the gear letters (P, R, N, D, B) were flashing. The fuel gauge didn't have a reading, the odometer does, the speedo doesn't indicate anything but still shows MPH.

Also, the Park button light was flashing. As well as the little light on the start button itself was flashing from red to green.

I have a little video I'll whack up on here.

But this is the daily commute vehicle and it's needed very much.

I hope you'll be able to help.

Thank you in advance


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The Prius does strange things when the 12v auxiliary Battery voltage is low and on a 2007 car it'll probably be due for replacement anyway. These little batteries are susceptible to damage if fully discharged, it severely reduces their life expectancy. Has it ever been allowed to get flat?

See if you can jumpstart it from another 12v Battery. If it starts, you'll know it's that. If you're really lucky, you might get away with just recharging it...for a while at least.

If not, get it to a Toyota dealer, these things are too complex to go poking around in randomly.

Oh yes, if you have to get it to a dealer, don't let anyone tow it unless they have the front wheels off the ground, not even a few feet!

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i had lights flashing left right and centre a few weeks back too then took it to toyota they diagnosed a faulty Battery segment, replaced it and now everything is back to normal. if it hasn't been changed yet £90 buys you peace of mind for another 4-5 years.

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Should I ask for the Battery to be replaced on my Oct 07 Gen 2 when it gets serviced near New Year ?. I will have had the car nearly two years then and am sure it has never been changed - wonder if I am on borrowed time.

Did ask the dealer about this when I was last there but the person I spoke to on service obviously new nothing about the Prius although he claimed to have driven lots of them. Told me that I would know if the Battery was starting to go as I would have starting problems. When I queried this he told me that you start the Prius "just like any other car !

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The symptoms that the OP has posted are weird because I'd expect the car to produce a red triangle exclamation at some point.

As everyone has said, the 12V Battery does have to be ruled out first, but I am wondering whether there is another fault?

Usually for a weak 12V Battery there are other symptoms such as the slow unlocking of the doors or unable to unlock the doors, the 3 main relays can become sluggish, it may take multiple attempts to power on the car with the start button, and when the Battery is weak enough the end result is usually the warning triangle of doom on the dash.

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