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Things That Irk You On The Auris?

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With acknowledgments to stompe's thread, a similar one for the Auris:

This is based on the Auris Active in Spain - which is, I think, the equivalent of the UK T4 (the Spirit is called the Advance here)

* Options inflexibility - if you want 15" wheels with a decent depth of rubber you can't have things like auto-dimming mirrors, wipers, lights

* The "mickey mouse" integrated TomTom which you have to have if you want cruise control

* The floating console which looks good but means the tray underneath is virtually impossible to reach

* The positioning of the "cigarette lighter" power point which would be a problem if you wanted to use it to power a sat-nav

* The rear wiper arc is poor - instead of being a full 180deg it's nearer 120deg and leaves a large blindspot

* The aerodynamics are such that the rear seems to attract dirt - see wiper comment above

* Charging €150 for installing an IPod connecting cable to an advertised "compatible" player (I didn't pay -use an USB stick instead)

Still like it, despite the above. Hope the 2nd generation is an improvement

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My earlier Auris T Spitit has cruise but not built in Tom Tom.

Very annoyed with the poor quality of cabin materials.Seat cloth is not much thicker than a handkerchief.

The plastics in the cabin are very cheap and easely marked.

The useless tray under the seat is flimsy and shallow.The wifes Hyundai has a tray under the seat and is 3 times the depth and very sturdy compared to the Auris one.

Dont like visibility through the front screen, as the A piller has that small quater light that obscures the vision of things like kerbs when cornering on narrow roads.

Flimsy glove boxex. Manuel door mirror adjustment only. and only 5 speed box.are other dislikes

would like proper fuel and temp gauges and coolant level warning light just incase of sudden coolant loss.

Dont like a car that seems to be held together by plastic clips,but then Toyota are not alone in this these days.

Car runs well,,nice and quiet,very smooth. nice brakes and steering though that now and again it clicks at low speed.

But the car does not feel as solid as as my Passat and Mondeoss felt.

Never seen an silencer as rusty as the one on mine, i am not the only one to noticed this but had no trouble with the M O Ts though. Dont Toyota give these a protective coating when new.

Wish the Oil filter was at the front of the engine as on my old Passat and easy to get at.

Dont find it so easy these days crawling under a car.

Wonder if i should have got a Honda, but then it could be a case of ' the grass looks greener'

Anyway cant afford to replace the car,no point anyway as i do little miliage most of my trips are local and rural and so use the wifes car,saves mine getting dirty though.

I know mine is not a hybrid but thought i would throw my Half pennies worth any way.

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The poor rear wiper isn't restricted to the Auris. The Prius (2nd gen anyway) has a completely useless rear wiper. It was designed for use on a LHD car and clears a little patch on that side. I never bother to use it. Hitting that switch is just a waste of electrons!

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The rear parcel shelf that disloges from the cheap catches as soon as anythindg deep is placed in the boot. Absolute junk!

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