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Probs Replacing Rear Door Handle 1999 Avensis

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Hi I had to replace the rear offside door handle on my 1999 avensis. I got it replaced fine but am wondering where a bit of plastic goes. It is a largish bit & goes behind the handle somewhere but can't remember how it fit when I I removed the old handle.

At the moment I can open door ok from inside car but not from outside so think it must be to do with outer handle.

I have a picture of part but not sure how to post it on here

Thanks Greg

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Haven't done that repair but taking a peek at the setup on the opposite door will cover it.

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Found out why I can't open door using exterior door handle. Can't seem to get the plastic rod that comes down from the handle to go on the metal bolt on the lock which goes down opening the door.

Guess nobody has done this, won't need to sort it until next year when mots due as think they have to be able to open all doors from inside & outside.

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