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Help, New Battery Died

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Toyota avensis diesel 2.0


I put in a new Bosh Battery from Halfords (bought two months ago http://www.halfords....yId_165762#tab1), yesterday whilst the engine was running i had a tomtom satnav plugged into the cigarette lighter, had the heater on, radio. I turned the car off and done my shopping, came back after 10 minutes, turned ignition and car won’t start. My brother done a jump start and the car started again.

Went to Halfords, and they said the Battery is fine.

Went to a garage and the bloke said the Alternator is ok. He said it might be the starter motor as when turning my engine he noticed a crank. He said the starter motor might be draining the Battery when it cranks as it uses the Battery to turn on the engine.

Has anyone had this problem??

Would it be the starter motor that is draining the Battery???

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I had same problem on my avensis d4d 2004 3tx .the stater motor would start it cold but not when hot , took to MR T & they fitted a new stater motor. No problems since then ,that was at 98k it's now done 168567k.

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You have had the Battery and alternator tested and they have been reported OK.

Cannot understand what was said about a crank when the engine was turned over by the starter

The main feed to the starter motor from the Battery is controlled by a heavy duty switch (called the solenoid) operated through the ignition switch in the start position. Only when the key is turned to that can power flow directly to the starter and that would turn the engine over so I cannot see how the starter can drain the Battery if it is operating as it should

One thing springs to mind is a slightly loose connection to the Battery as connecting the jump leads the the terminals would feed power without going through your Battery Secondly Halfords may have taken their reading directly from the top of the Battery posts

I would first suggest seeing if you can turn the connections on the Battery posts.


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