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Headlight Bulbs

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Thinking of fitting better headlight bulbs to my UC because they are not the brightest lights I've had compared to any

of my previous cars.I'm sure someone on here has already done this (Clare, was it you ?) if so, can you advise type and

supplier etc.


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Hi Dave yes it was moi, Phillips Extreme vision H4 bulbs are what I changed to.I got them off E/Bay from Autobulbs if my mind is correct.

It is a sod to change them though, there is so little room to manouvre in the engine bay especially I think on the passenger side, I got the Toyota dealer to do it when it went in for a service.

Great bulbs though especially overhere as we have no, or very little Street lighting.Junctions OK and Towns and Villages all go off at midnight. No lights on in country districts at all ( so most of the Island).

HTH Regards Clare

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Cheers guy's.

Just got it serviced on monday Clare, so I guess I will have a look and see how accessable they are

before I proceed.

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