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Rattling From Steering Column

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Hello out there to all fellow Urban Cruiserites...

Sorry the topic title may sound a little dramatic, after I explain my problem.

Three weeks into the ownership of our 1.4D 2001 plate, my wife and I are being bugged by a buzzing/rattle of what I guess is a/some loose component/s around the steering column area. The rattle is coming from the dash and column area inside the cabin.

Its noticible on the less than great roads around our area.

On a decent road surface its fine.

We have been back to the dealer this week, and they dismantled and reassembled the column.

Its better but not totally gone.

Hope im not whining too much about this. Someone in a recent post commented that there is no such thing as a perfect car.......but buzzing plastic can wear you down eventually after £xx,ooo k !

Has anyone experienced similar with their UC

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Funny that, mines does exactly the same now an then, identical symptoms.

I've found it's something to do with a plastic shield connected to the bottom of the dash panel below the steering column. The pedals protrude out through it. I found that if I gently push the shield upwards using my foot it stops. Not looked any further into it so far since I can stop it a bit. I suppose I'll have to get it looked at at some point.

See if that helps identify where the issue comes from Dervampir.



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Hi Gordon. Thanks for that.

Its one of those niggling things, that you sometimes think....Oh get over it and turn the radio up !

But annoying because it does raise a question about build quality.

I am looking at your suggestion first thing in the morning.

But...Hey, I do like The UC. It is a very pleasant vehicle to drive. No doubt about that.

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