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Touch N Go System - Tmc Messages

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I have an issue with the TMC traffic messages on my Yaris’ Touch n Go system. As per the manual they display Ok except for the crazy distances given. Typically they say something like ‘A12- Chelmsford 3.7 miles’. Where the 3.7 miles is the distance to whatever the message is warning you about.

My unit has obviously been programmed by demented pixies or something. I have been meaning to do something about it but wanted to be sure it was not an option that I’d messed up. So waited until I had read the system’s manual. The only option I have selected is to limit the messages to a 30Km radius. Other than that it is standard.

Anyway last night was the final straw….it said ‘Billericay Flooding 80 yards’. Which sounded quite a useful tip, except that I was in Colchester at the time and about to head home.

Since I live near Billericay I knew it was 35 miles away not a mere 80- yards. Look if my job was just 80 yards from my house then I’d have walked to work!

Does anyone else have a similar issue or should I take it back to the dealer and gently remind them about the Warranty?

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