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Hi There (New Member, Iq3 Arrived Yesterday!)

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Welcome to the forum Stevie. I'm sure that like the rest of us on here, you'll get the best out of this forum. There's lots of help available for all manner of subjects to do with the diminuitive iQ. We all love the little tyke, and although there can occasionally be problems to sort, a solution is usually found here.

So, what did you have before your iQ? Was it a downsizing to the iQ? We did just that, from a T'reg Mondeo 2.0 GLX Auto, which I don't think ever got to it's 32mpg best economy, to our 1.0 bog standard purple (Amethyst) little wonderous iQ. Just passed it's first MOT, with no problems. I think the maximum economy I have had out of our iQ is 74mpg, but I can't prove it, however, this pic tells of when I pulled in to take the picture, and I'm sure it went higher.


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Hey bob, yes it was a downsize, I traded in my 05 civic type r for the IQ so fuel wise I'm sure there will be a big difference not to mention the road tax!! On First impressions I'm well chuffed, the wee car goes really well and feels very roomy inside. Thanks for the welcome. Cheers stevie.

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Hi Stevie

Good choice my wife has the same only on 09 plate, absolutley loves it. Got it to put behind motorhome but she now wont let me put holes in the front for a frame so looks like going to get small trailer for it

After a succesion of SLK's , VW EOS and Scirroco GT she loves this car better than any of them!!!!

Have to say i love driving it too (when she lets me)



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Cheers guys, well no plans for anything too much, thinking about wind deflectors but that's about it for now, don't want to go down the Pringles road! (Once you pop you can't stop)


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