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Avensis 2007 2.2 D Water Pump Leaking

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HI All,

Firstly I just like to say what a brilliant site this is, I have found a great deal of interesting and useful information on here since I joined, this is only my second posting, but I just wanted to get some advice from the experts on here if I may please?

I have purchased for my wife a 2007 Avensis facelift model 2.2D T-Spirit hatchback manual, from an independent dealer without warranty. The car has a full Toyota dealership service record, service book fully stamped and I even have all the receipts from the dealership for all of the service work carried out, from the previous owner, its low mileage 47000 miles and has clearly been well looked after for its entire life.

However it has been into the local Toyota dealership today for new brake pads, the dealership has reported to my wife, that the water pump is leaking and that it requires replacement at a cost of about £900, I'm not sure if that includes the brake pads as well or if that's just for the water pump, she was not to happy when I spoke to her, so I will need to clarify the details little bit this evening when I get home.

I have several questions, if I may please?

1. I understand that there is a warranty recall out for some Toyota's with regards to warranty replacement of the water pump, I was wondering if our particular car would possibly be covered by this. I do appreciate that no one on here can tell me that and that I will need to contact the dealer and or Toyota UK to clarify this.

2. I'm sort of aware that all water pumps leak a little bit, and obviously the new pink fluorescent pink coolant will probably show up, quite clearly possibly making the Technician think this is an issue when it may not be. I need to check if the coolant is dropping in the header tank to clarify this though.

3. Is the Avensis 2.2 D engine prone to premature water pump failure? As I have also had my water pump replaced at the same dealership about 3 months ago, my car is an Avensis 2.2. D T-Spirit estate 2006 (pre-facelift) with 60000 miles on the clock which I purchased in March this year, they carried out the water pump replacement as part of the 60000 service and it cost me about £450 I seem to remember (for the actual water pump replacement)

4. If it truly is a failed water pump, can I replace this myself? I am a Service Engineer by trade, and I have worked on cars previously that I owned, but that was 20 years ago......

5. If it’s not a job even a half decent DIY person should undertake, if I get a good local independent garage to undertake the work, and at some point in the future I suffer the dreaded head gasket failure, and I need a replacement engine, will Toyota turn round and say you can't have this under the 7 year or 100000 mile warranty and you need to pay because the car was worked on outside the dealership network. I do appreciate that this scenario is a little bit difficult to predict and that anyone's thoughts are purely just an opinion and also that car is already 5 years old now.

I would however value some opinions on the above matter if possible please?

The dealership is located in the Northamptonshire area........

Best Regards,


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1. There is a warranty extension (not a recall ) of 5 years/60,000 miles on leaking water pumps on the #AD series diesel engines fitted to Auris, Avensis, Verso & Rav4

2. The pumps do weep over time, this builds up dried pink crystals around the pump.

3. The pumps can start to leak early hence the warranty extension and a modified pump is available to cure the issue.

4. The initial replacement time for these used to be in excess of 8 hours to replace but as they became a fairly common warranty repair Toyota slowly dropped the replacement time to 2.7 hours, however this is using a lift to get easier access, with a lift the job would be a complete nightmare.

Re: The brake pads Toyota offer fixed price repairs for common repairs & servicing. see: http://www.toyota.co.uk/cgi-bin/toyota/bv/generic_editorial.jsp?navRoot=toyota_1024_root&fullwidth=true&noLeftMenu=true&forceText=%3Cnone%3E&edname=Owners-Service-Repairs&id=Owners-Service-Repairs&zone=Zone+Ownership&sr=Mall



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Hi Devon,

thank you for replying so quickly.

I've now spoken to my wife to ge the exact details from her, she has indeed been quoted £945.00 !!! for a water pump replacement.

The car was registered on the 9/8/2007 so it falls outside the 5 year extended warranty ( I'm assuming its 5 years or 60000 miles whichever comes first?) even though the mileage is 49000 miles.

I do appreciate what you are saying about the use of a car lift, easier access from underneath. so I'll rule myself out this job, even though I've a set of decent car ramps!!!! as they're not in the same league as a car lift.

We had last month just taken out a service agreement with the local dealer for both my 2006 Avensis and my wife's 2007 Avensis, to cover the routine servicing.

The dealer has today fitted new front discs and pads for £240.00 including labour which doesn't seem bad to me for main dealer prices, for the fixed price option.

My thoughts are to push for getting the water pump replaced under warranty as its only just outside the warranty period, especially as I had queried whether there was a known issue, as my own water pump requiring replacement due to leaking at only 60000 miles 2 months ago, and was told that there wasn't.

I should have investigated on here a bit more with regards to that.

Thanks again for you're prompt response.

Best Regards,


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