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Sr180 Major Performance Dip

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Hi there,

I have a 2008 plate Auris SR180, absolutely love the car, performance is fantastic. Over the last few weeks though as with most people the car has taken a massive dip in performance. The turbo is incredibly flat and at times my foot is completely to the floor for 30 seconds or more before the turbo kicks in and I am flying home. I am assuming that the turbo is operating as it should but it just doesn't seem to have that explosive raw power anymore that it had a few weeks ago.

The car is still under warranty with Toyota until next April and although I should really book it in asap I wondered if anyone else has had the same problems and it hasn't been linked to the EGR valve?

My average MPG has also dropped from 42 to 38 in a matter of days and keeps falling gradually.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Adam - I have exactly the same car. If it's not an EGR issue then I'd be looking at a very blocked DPF. These engines need to be warmed up & used regularly, short runs from cold never get enough heat into the motor to keep it clean & regenerate when necessary. As it's still under warranty, take it to your nearest Toyota dealer as soon as possible. It's up to them to find the problem & offer a solution then.

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Try changing the fuel filter and running some Shell V-Power derv through it like Davey said. Also a tin of BG244 or some Archoil 6200. I'd plump for Bg244 love juice...

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