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New Avensis Economy Getting Worse

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I have a new 2012 Diesel Avensis bought last Jan and I was getting a fuel economy of 5.1 litres/100KM.

I just got a service at 16000km and since the service I am now only getting 5.7 litres/100KM.

There has been no change in the style of driving and I still purchase the fuel from the same supplier.

Any ideas?


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Join the club, why do you think I have a gallon can as an avatar. Avensis 2.2 2010 43mpg on motorway, 30 around town...... still looking for the answer.... this week end, EGR to be removed as "Tourque" on Android shows EGR fluctuation from 20% to 80% with not much chanage to MAF reading. Me think it's clogged up with soot and ~#"t. Don't know what 5.1l/100km equates to but sounds low. You don't say what engine you have in your Avensis...? I'v only had mine 3 weeks and only get 440 miles to a tank of 50l, come from a 2005 2.0l Peugeot 407 which returned 51mpg on motorway and 45 around town....... BUT love the Avensis....

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May just be winter temps bringing down the mpgs. Also, diesels need to either be taken on long journeys or have a good thrash now and then to keep them clean running. If you only drive around towns they tend to lose power over time due to crud buildup on the injectors and sooting of airways.

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I've seen the low temps cut as much as 50% off the mpg, but this is mainly with people like my dad who do short journeys.

As you're doing mostly motorway runs, the impact on you will be a lot less than that, but 10% is in the realms of possibility; For comparison my Yaris D4D gets 600-odd miles to a tank on average in summer for an 80/20 split of town and motorway, but right now it's more like 550 I'd say!

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I think i'm right in saying that Shell and others put a additive in for the winter which reduces the waxing affect to diesel. This might also have an affect on MPG.

Removed my EGR, inlet manifold and cleaned, was dirty, Intend today to do a temp blank off of the EGR to see what happens (most probably a MIL light will come on)

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Just bought a "60" plate d4d 2.0 tr Avensis and am very dissappointed to find that with very carefull driving I am only getting around 39 mpg. My previous car also Avensis "2005" dvd 2.0 t3x got around 48 even with 180,000 on the clock.

I have tried to drive aggresively to blow out the cobwebs but nothing seems to change.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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