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54 Plate Avensis 2.2L D4D Grinding Noise When Turning

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Hello people,

Had the alternator changed last week on our 2.2l D4D Avensis following Battery and Oil lights coming on together only 2 weeks after we had had a service and MOT.

Drove the car for the first time after alternator was replaced yesterday and now there is a grinding noise from around the right wheel when turning left which gets louder the closer you get to full lock.

The garage told my wife that it was an awkward job when she left the car with the garage and we had a hefty labour bill when my brother-in-law picked it up as they told him they had had to remove the prop-shaft to get the alternator out.

I have found this thread about alternator removal on the Rav 4:


Would I be right in assuming that the procedure would be similar on the Avensis? Is it possible that they have damaged the steering rack gaitor or is something to do with them removing bolts on the subframe to the wheelarch and suspension strut?


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Sounds like a CV joint to me if noise is only on full lock?

Don't know about removing DS to remove Alternator.

CV Joints themselves are usually not too expensive but it can be a sh*ty job changing same and takes probably 1- 2 hrs depending on the car..

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