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Hi! New Owner From East Mids

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Hi all

My name is Arron and im located in the east midlands

This is my first toyota and im keen on learning about the car iv purchased. On Tuesday i will be picking up a 2008 Auris sr180.

Im a big fan of modifying cars so if anyone can point me in the right direction for things to do to it that would be great. This is my 2nd diesel, I owned a astra 1.9cdti 150 for 2 years before moving onto a focus st2 which im trading in on Tuesday for the auris. I must admit the auris wasnt my first choise car but i do some work at where they make the auris and when the t180/sr180 first came out they caught my eye.

My reason changing car is im saving for a house with my gf and i couldnt afford to run the gas guzzler (15mpg avg) focus st.

My focus was running just over 260bhp and pulled very nice. Im sad to see it go but im hoping i can have just as much fun in the gadget filled auris.

What id like to know is can the gearbox/clutch cope with 200+bhp, What is a good suspension set up for them. (i dont mind being low) and do they have rarbs?

What are the specs for the wheels? e.g. stud pattern and size and bore size and offset.

Have many ppl modified there auris if so can you post some links so i can read up :)

Sorry for the essay


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