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D4D Cheak Engine Light

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hi all

im a new member ,

i bought an 2004 2.ol d4d avensis last week ,on the way home the cheak engine light came on :disgust:

i looked it up and the most common fault listed was the egr valve sticking

so i cleaned it up and the same problem came up .code was p0400

i got a second hand unit same problem came up so i just bought a new one .

even with the new valve the same problem came up :dontgetit:

i took the first valve off and cheaked the air flow coming from the exhaust and the vacuum going into the inlet and neither where not blocked ?

so im thinking either the stainless steel gasket has a problem or the sensor picking up the gas flow into the engine is a fault .

any help would be greatly apperciated thankyou .

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glad to hear all is well now. silly question, i have a 2006 car, where is the obd II port? thanks

Sat in the drivers seat it's just below your right knee and it has a little plastic cover on it which just pulls off.


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have a look on Fleabay m8 and if you have a fruit based phone theres even wireless ones that work with an app on your phone :ph34r:

I have there's that many I don't know which one to use lol

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