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Avensis Electric Brake In Freezing Conditions

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I have had my Avensis diesel now for almost 9 months and I'm still learning to trust the electric brake! I have a short driveway outside my house which slopes towards the house. Given that we are now well into the winter I'm pretty nervous of how the electric brake mechanism may be affected in freezing conditions. I often had a frozen-on handbrake in older model cars. Does anyone have any experience of the electric brake system failing in such conditions?

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I have the electric brake too but haven't been underneath to see how it works. I would imagine the actuator pulls on cables in the same way as with a mechanical handbrake. If so you are likely to get the same problem. Fortunately I have a level gravel drive so never use it at home or if parking on the level elsewhere, I just leave the gearbox in park.

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The actuator does indeed pull on cables, I would say that on discs/pads setup it is a lot less likely to freeze than an old fashioned drum, but for safetys sake, I ALWAYS leave the car in gear with any electronic handbrake setup

Kingo :thumbsup:

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