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Spy Vs. Spy Iq Style...

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Mike (AtomicMoJo) and myself attended the Child's Smile Charity Car Show in Fullerton CA today and after the show we did a quick photo shoot with our iQ's. Here are some of the pictures...













Good times!

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I'd have to agree with that assessment. Although I like black cars more than white usually, it's down to what you have done with your car Taz. I do like the fact he has given it a token hint of orange here and there, to make it a little interesting, but I think that is my point. Whilst your car is interesting, his looks less interesting. Of course, on it's own it would look great and that is how I would rate it, but in comaprison to your white beasty, it loses out. You know, as both of you have beards, a beard anaology would have been equally appropriate... maybe to do with Pirates?

:arrgg-matey: :boat:

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I think they both look very good together, almost Ying & Yang type stuff. I like how you both have beards to match your cars :)

I do like the headlamp cover on the black one, they give it quite a menacing look, it's almost scowling :disgust: I do think a shiny bonnet would look better though, but that is just my preference.

Round of applause to you both :clap:

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