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Noisy Heaters Especailly When Cold? How To Access Heater Fan Or Any Kn

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as above the heaters are noisier in colder weather.....also the car is often misted up and the other morning when it was icy the car front window was froze outside .and in ! solid ice lol......its non air con by the way.

any help is appreciated

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bumping this up as i found a problem with my heater too.

Basically it admits a horrible grindy noise when heater is hot or cold on speeds 1-2.

Does it mean my heater fan is on the way out ?? it still produces hot and cold air

Mine is a 2005 aygo sport with ac

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We bought a 2008 Aygo, second hand and noticed that the fan made a lot of grinding noise in the beginning but as we used it more and more the noise just disappeared. Now the fan is always on when we start the car

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I think the heater blower (fan) is located in the centre part of the dash towards the driver side in the left hand drive vehicles. I do not know if you can reach it via the opening that is created after taking out the radio. There are lots of post available on how to remove the radio and that should be easy. See if it goes and take pictures and write it up here.

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