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Lights Staying On After Ignition Switched Off

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Hi All

In the last few days I've started encountering a problem with my front lights on my 2003 Avensis.

When I switch off my lights (dash icon disappears as normal) and turn off the ignition, my lights remain on. I have to flick my full beam on and off again to clear the issue.

I have also noticed that when driving and switching to full beam, there is a slight delay of about 1/4 second before full beam activates. During this switch between lights, sometimes the lights switch off altogether. As I said, only for about 1/4 of a second so no great danger but would like to sort before issue compounds itself!

Any help/advice much appreciated!



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Hi TSP, been sitting on this a while with Christmas and what not, so finally got a couple of spare days. First question is, where is the relay located and how do I test it? Is it easy to replace if need be? Problem has intensified to the point where my lights cut out on me on a dark moor road when I switched to full beam.


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