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Low Engine Oil Warning

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The sign suggest you to change the oil; after changing, reset computer (somewhere here, in the Auris forum there's a resetting procedure) and sign dissapears. Anyway, the car has a low level Oil sensor so that you'll be informed. I'm talking about diesel Auris, and in your profile I see Aygo.

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Sorry to hijack your post, but as its about Oil warning lights etc, I hope that someone will be able to assist me with the issue I have.

I have a 2007 Auris D4D 2.0, on a drive from London to Rochester last Friday evening, I noticed that a warning was displayed on the dash, it states Oil Maintenance. The next day I checked the Oil levels but these seemed to be ok, so I started to have a poke around on this forum. One suggestion was that the car may need a service, but this was done not more than 6 months ago (not at a main dealer though), another seems to state that it could be a Oil pump failure/issue? I wonder if there is someone on here that can put the issue into simple terms for me.

My car is coming upto 60,000 miles. Is it safe to drive the car whilst this warning is being displayed?

Again sorry to hijack this thread, and thanks for any info you can provide...

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