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1998 Toyota Avensis 1.8 Gs High Fuel Consumption ?

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Hi me again :rolleyes: is it normal for the car to give me 100 Miles on half a tank of juice :disgust: ?

This is for town driving and the eco light is on most of the time (it just seams a bit heavy to me ) And i would like your views on this please

It has had a full service with All the filters changed @ 105.000 Miles . I also fitted a new thermostat witch fixed up my temps and idle problems that i was having the car is currently sitting on 106.250 Miles


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Its probably about right. What I find is that when the fuel indicator show half full, the tank isn't half full - its quite a bit less. My fuel indicator stays on or near the full mark for quite a while. Then when it starts to drop, it drops quickly. i.e. the amount shown by the fuel indicator isn't propotional the the fuel in the tank.

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My car does over 100 miles before I get close to the 3/4 mark, 250 by half way, and close to 400 miles with 1/4 mark. That is my average town driving.

Because I went to Sussex over the weekend, my car is showing 280 miles just above the half way mark. I did not drive lightfooted.

My car is 1998 1.8 7A-FE GLS. It has had a recent Oil change plus recent spark plug and new HT leads. Over 120,000 miles.

My gauge does stay near full before steadily dropping.

I seem to only put in just over 50 litres of petrol.

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Hi fully agree with talldave but make sure you have the correct sparkpklugs fitted they must be denso iridiums for best economy not cheap but last a lot longer than alternative plugs

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