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Rear Brake Caliper Failure

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I just failed an MOT for a leaking rear brake caliper. Brake fluid was leaking from the bleed screw no matter how much it was tightened. The garage tried cleaning the threads on the bleed screw and caliper without success. They ended up fitted a new caliper (£160). It's a bit late now but I'm just wondering if there was another solution to this problem which would have been cheaper. I considered buying a second hand caliper but that would have meant a time delay and a possible MOT retest fee.

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It's not the threads on the bleed screw that are the problem it's the tapered end that mate with the concave part in the caliper.

Both sufaces need to be in perfect condition to form a seal. Due to not seeing how bad it was it's hard to comment but brakes being a life saver you did the right thing.

Regards Pete.

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Thanks for that. Garage did say they don't mind "making do" but not when it comes to brakes. It just hurts when it comes on top of £380 for new tyres .... cars are a s0d for getting rid of your hard earned cash.

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