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2007 Avensis Front Bumper Removal

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Hi All,

I'm new to the club and was hoping for some advice please. Had the car since January this year and have suffered the head gasket failure on my 2007 D4D 2.0 Avensis. Dealers been absolutely brilliant, refurbished engine and new injectors as well, only because they had to damage one to get it out, had to be replaced as a set. Something to do with them being type1 or type 2 injectors anyway I'm chuffed to bits. Had a new clutch fitted while the engine was out to avoid a £1200 bill later on down the line so just had to pay for parts. Anyway the air con has not worked since I bought the car and asked them to do an air con service while they had the car, they said they would do an air con service as part of the repair but rung me up to say it could not be done because some large object had gone through the lower front black grill and had damaged the condenser. A bill for around £400 which I cant afford at the moment. I was thinking of getting a serviceable Toyota condenser from a breakers for £75 + VAT and fitting it myself and then getting the air con service done but I've been led to believe that the front bumper has to come off for access to the condenser. Is this the case and if so how do I go about getting it off. Hand break needed adjusting as well, dealer said they would do it for free while the car was on the ramp. Talk about excellent customer service, I've never witnessed anything like it from any other car dealer. HW Moon Toyota at Wigan have been fantastic.



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