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Key Fob Problem

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Hi Guys,

Hope someone can help...

The last couple of weeks my keyfob will lock the car ok (Avensis 2007 1.8), but is extermely intermittent when trying to unlock (Was stuck in a garage for 3/4 of an hour).

The red LED light displays bright red so I'm not sure its the Battery.

Appreciate any guidance...

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I'm having the same issue, my key fob just does not want to work some days. When I finally get in the car it doesn't recognise the key and my engine won't start. When I replace the Battery it works fine, but it doesn't take long for it to return to it's previous state

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The LED will only draw a very small current so there does not have to be much left in the Battery for it to glow,maybe that is all there is left in there.

To many people a Battery is a Battery and if it fits it will do but the cheaper batteries on sale tend to not last as long.

These are not a volume seller so look at the date on the pack when buying.I had to return one that I bought from a small shop that was dated 8 years old.

Just trying to help, not preach


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