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Hi all, I've been browsing the pages for some time now and was curious as to whether someone could help me out....

I own a 2004 Avensis D-4D T-Spirit, shortly after I bought it the hydraulic clutch pipe split due to corrosion where it enters the slave cylinder flexi.

Being quite handy with cars I set away in replacing the Steel pipe with cunifer, due to the torturous route the pipe takes through the engine bay I had no other option than to make the pipe in two pieces, the joint being below the heater matrix pipes. The joint was a pain in tge ***** to seal but it finally nipped up and withstood pressure for a few months until today....

Ive managed to limp 100 miles to my parents with the weeping pipe keeping an eye on the fluid level and keeping clutch operation to a minimum (I had no choice due to circumstances I won't go into).

My question is could anyone tell me what size the end connections are at each end of the original Steel pipe? I guess I need the thread diameter and pitch and also tge motor trade name for the double flare at each end of the pipe.....

It is my intention to have a braided flexi hose custom made, this would enable me to replace the leaking solid pipe and hopefully cure the issue once and for all.

Sods law this happened 10 minutes after buying a set of Michelin winter tyres to make the journey....

Thanks in advance!

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