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Problems With 2.2 T180

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I have a 2007 t180. 50k on the clock. For the past year a number times it turns 3 or 4 times before it finally starts when cold but now it is consuming a lot of fuel. I used to get 42mpg but now I'm driving like a granny and only getting 37mpg. Any help or advice please

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Hi Rob - welcome to the club.

I'd be willing to guess that your car is suffering from one of 2 commonly found problems with this engine. It's been well discussed on this forum many times, but for your benefit is likely to be a clogged EGR valve or DPF.

The exhaust gas recirculation valve is known to clog up with soot from the emissions & can easily result in poor running. It's not hard to clean it, but it may re-occur quite regularly if your car is used for regular short runs from cold (including lots of stop/start traffic). You could try some Miller's cleaner/additive or a product called BG244, which many owners recommend on here.

The other possibility is a blocked Diesel Particulate Filter, again a result of not enough heat in the engine on a regular basis. These are very expensive to replace, so try the additive 1st.

Some owners have mentioned that using supermarket fuel doesn't help, as it's often stored in a less stringent manner - meaning the quality at the pump isn't so good. You could try using Shell V-power diesel or even Esso (which I mostly use). This might help keep the system clean in the long run.

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These are the products I'd now go for from powerenhancers where BG244 can be bought also...



Join the club and use code (MPG) on check out and get a big discount. I've just bought both of these products in there 5L cans as I dont think it'll be that price again and it'll last me for years...

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hi i have had the same proplem with my 2,2 T180 even after putting forty cleaner x5 in replaced my EGR valve second hand forced re gen i still only get 31 miles i only do short runs i think this is the norm for this car but still a great car

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