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Trd Parts For Gt-86 Early 2013


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Trawling the Internet I found this... no, unlike Clarkson, I found something to do with cars.

TRD Performance Line Accessories Announced for Toyota GT 86 (Europe)


"At the 2012 Paris Motor Show, Toyota will announce the TRD Performance Line Accessories for the GT 86 (aka Scion FR-S in the U.S). The TRD (Toyota Racing Development) Performance Line Accessories include exterior, interior and performance enhancing parts.

The exterior parts, which help improve aerodynamics, consisting of front spoiler, side skirts, rear trunk spoiler, rear diffuser and rear bumper spoiler.

The interior parts, which give more racing-like feel, include shorter shift knob, push button start engine, sports meter link system (for measuring water temperature, oil pressure, oil level), and bucket seats.

Offering 18-inch black alloy wheels, the TRD Performance Line Accessories also include many other performance enhancing parts including new quartet exhaust tailpipes, big brakes, shock absorber and coil spring set.

The TRD Performance Line parts will be available throughout Europe from the beginning of 2013 and parts will be available for purchase separately."

See “Press Release” for list of TRD parts.

There are another ten pictures on the site. BTW- Simples really, but, If you click on the smaller pic on the web page showing all the pics, they will go to a larger size.






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