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What Is The Part Number For The Fuel Filter With Banjo Outlet?

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My car is a 1998 1.8 Avensis GS hatch petrol 7A-FE engine.

I am needing to renew my petrol fuel filter (the one on the engine bulkhead).

It has a straight inlet at the bottom and a banjo pipe fitting at the (out) end to engine.

Has anyone any ideas.

Best regards


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Hi everybody and Fractureman,

Happy to report have fitted new filter.

Reason for this car been progressively losing power above 2500 rpm.

To be sure of the right part I removed old filter to find Toyota part number this being 23300-16290. It has an M14 inlet port and M12 outlet port..Plus made a marked up drawing of major dimensions. Put Toyota part no in www.findpart.org/part/ from many results checked data sheet of the Comeline CTY13042 which was available from Wilco-Direct for the princely sum of £15.59 delivered.

There were others that were given as an equivalent spec but felt safe with Comeline data sheet. You need the Comline part number as Wilco-Direct don't post a data drawing.

P.S. the car used to (hunt) / (flutter) whilst on low load whilst pulling gently at low speed on the flat. This symptom has gone. Could have been the EFI trying to come to terms with bugger all fuel. I am a Yorkshireman after all.

Best Regards all and Happy Christmas.


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