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T-Sport Vvti Or Vvtli?

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hello all, i'm new round here and will be posting regularly as i purchased a 2003 T-Sport Celica yesterday and will take collection tomorrow.

anyways i have been looking at insurance quotes which is coming out the same price as my previous car (75bhp 1.25 Zectec Fiesta LOL) what i'm finding rather confusing is when entering the car registration on insurance websites it's coming up as a T-Sport VVTI. the HPI carried out on the car is showing it as Silver Toyota Celica T Sport VVTLi.

were there 2 versions of the T-sports, mine is 2003, if so what are the differences?

thanks in advance.

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the prefacelift 99-02 was a vvti-190 and the newer facelift 03-06 was known as the t-sport but both had the vvtl-i engines in them, it's just the insurance company, as it states t-sport it will be correct

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Part number should be


I had a perfacelift 2001 190 before I bought my GT and changed the bolts in that, but they were already the newer shape, not sure if this affected the UK models as i'm not sure if toyota UK released a service bulleting about the bolts or if it was just the american market.

But it's worth changing for the £3 they cost

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