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P2002 Particulate Trap Blocked

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Further to my differential lock thread and my 3 warning lights, I took the car into Mr T who diagnosed the problem as P2002 blocked DPF and gave me the good news

1. He'd tried 'regenerating' the filter but that apparently didn't work.

2. Offered the £400 chemical clean.

3. If this didn't work then the £2000 replacement filter should do the job.

It didn't take that long for the paramedic to revive me and after I'd stopped crying Mr T suggested I cane the keech out of it until a load of black smoke appeared.

I duly did this for ten minutes in 3rd gear at about 75-80 and saw....nothing.

What on earth are my options? This car is disappointing me to such a large extent I am considering getting rid of it because of its unreliability and costs to date (bought for £12.5k a year last September and I've spent £3800 on replacement tyres for the ludicrous BSR's, exhaust and other service items to date).

It feels like I've bought the classic Friday afternoon car from the good old days of British Leyland after owning two 4.1s for over ten years utterly trouble free ownership.

Please give me some good news on this DPF nonsense and renew my faith in what appeared to be a really nice car.


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Toyota have a full procedure to follow to diagnose P2002 and it's not immediately obvious from your description that they have done so in your case. Shortly before I PX'ed ours, this code appeared and it turned out to be a blocked hose running to the Differential Pressure Sensor; the result was a £148 bill, rather than £2K+.

I'm pretty sure a link to the full document was posted around these parts.

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Under an extended warranty of 7yr/111946 miles Toyota cover three known issues:

P0400 - Blocked or faulty EGR - Depending on the age and level of modified parts fitted this is fixed with either a modified EGR, modified Injectors, modified Intake manifold, cleaning Or ECU reprogramme in any combination of the latter

P2002 - Blocked DPNR - Again Depending on the age and level of modified parts fitted this is fixed with either a modified DPNR,Modified 5th injector, Cleaning, Modified DPNR vacuum pipes, Forced regeneration or Ecu reprogramme in any combination of the latter

Excessive engine Oil consumption - Again Depending on the age and level of modified parts fitted this is fixed with a Re-manufactured engine.

Having either of the first two issues is not a guarantee of having a replacement engine fitted as this can only be done when excessive Oil consumption is measured, but they are a good indicator that you may have an Oil consumption issue. If you notice you are using more than 0.5lt in 621 miles than this is excessive and needs a visit to your Toyota dealer asap.

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Thanks for the info, it is now beginning to make some sense.

Just after I purchased the car I found the car had significant lag in acceleration but no warning lights.

The cynic in me is now thinking that the previous owner P/Xd the car to a Volvo dealership which just happened to also have the Mr T franchise in a city 100 miles from its home dealer to hide this fact (I'm now sounding paranoid!). Perhaps some temporary fix was carried out but I didn't really know if this was how they drove, once you got past the lag it seemed to go fine but the fuel consumption has always disappointed running at about 31 mpg with a reasonably light foot.

When I took it to the car's home dealer they initially diagnosed a knackered turbo and then came back from that and diagnosed a blocked EGR valve and sent me on my way. It ran a lot better and the lag was gone after this.

I did get a low Oil warning about 9 months after it was supposedly serviced so it had completed several thousand miles before it needed 2.5 ltrs of Oil (that sounds a hell of a lot now that I think about it) but is this symptom intermittent dependent on driving style? 2 symptoms out of 3 ain't good as the song almost says......It was then serviced again in September with no further warnings, I really need to stop thinking these Toyotas are bomb proof, comes with the territory of a having the 4.1s - sorry! There is no excuse for not checking your Oil regularly.

I think I need to speak to someone in the know.


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Thanks for this tip, I've ordered the cleaner as a temporary fix and claimed the discount (its an ethnic thing....) but hopefully this situation will be resolved soon.


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