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Rear Screen Heater

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I have a 2008 Diesel XTR and it looks like one of the wire elements on the rear screen heater has gone and generally takes more time for the whole screen to clear. I can live with it as I am guessing the repair is a whole new rear screen at significant cost? Anybody else had a similar experience?

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I believe failure is normally caused by a stratch across the filament.You used to be able to buy silver conductive paint which would repair the element but extreme care has to be taken to ensure you don't cause a hotspot which could crack the screen.

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I have performed this repair in the past.

If it is not obvious where the break is, lightly put the probes of a multimeter(set for voltage) on each end of the faulty line and slowly slide one of them (does'nt matter which one) untill you lose the reading.That will pinpoint the break.

I found that I could do a neater job if I stuck masking tape on the glass along each side of the faulty line where the break was before applying the paint.


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Do rear screens come under windscreen coverage in an insurence policy.

If so could the screen could get damaged.(of course accidently) and be replaced.

most policys you have to pay part of the cost towards the replacement.

Naugty i know. just an observation.

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