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New Waterpump New Thermostat Still No Heat

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Hi guys the Deakin can anyone out there please help me i have just put a new water pump into my 07 avensis 2.0 d4d, and can only get look warm heat coming through the vent and get this one its only look warm on the passengers side, the drivers side is freezing, the car has been pressure tested aswell and there is no airlocks in the engine is there a special way this car has to be bleed or what is going on.Thanks for any help.

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Yes Pete it does have to seperate controls had it down to a different mechanic today and he is going to take the front radiator of tomorrow,he had some of the pipes of today and he thinks the radiator might be blocked,what i did not tell you was that the first mechanic i went to told me to get a bottle of steel seal to put into the car expansion bottle which i did because i thought it was going to cure my leak all it has done is to block the the whole cooling system with this white hard stuff, so if any one ever suggests you use it tell him to wise up it wrecks cars!.Remember the name STEEL SEAL.

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