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Replacement Key


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It is easiest to get the dealer to do it, but will cost £190-220 depending on the dealer (Or even just the parts guy you speak to! I've had quotes of £190, £220 and £300 from one dealer!).

The key is £140, the rest is some arbitrary amount of time charged by the dealer to program it.

You can get the key on its own and do it yourself *if* you can find the correct programming instructions (Usually some combination of door opening/closing and lock/unlocking for the remote and accelerator/brake pressing for the immobilizer).

I *think* there is a post with such instructions in the Corolla part of this site somewhere but am too lazy to check :P

You can also get key remote blanks from eBay but this is where it gets a lot trickier as you have to make sure that it is the right kind of remote key + blade for your car (Possible types of remote transponder I've seen for my Yaris are Denso, Valeo and Tokai Rika, and blades that have 2 or 3 grooves). You also have to be careful that it is actually a remote key and not just a blank key blade case with no remote module!

Also, there is no guarantee a second-hand remote key will work; I was able to program the remote central locking to the one I got for my Yaris but was unable to get the immobilizer to accept the code; In the end I had a locksmith clone the transponder code onto an RFID chip and jammed it inside the flip key case I was using :lol:

Actually, if you don't care about the remote central locking, any decent autolocksmith can clone the transponder code in your current key onto a static RFID and copy-cut the keyblade. The key won't have any remote functions, but will be able to manually unlock and start the car.

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My Daughter has just bought a 2002 1.4 VVti E12 Corolla. She only has one key unfortunately.

Is this a dealer only job or is it possible to buy a new key and programme it myself?

Many thanks


dealer is the most expensive option i think.. i would not reccomend you to go there..

i would sat a locksmith... a second hand key form eBay will not work (already tried withe Yaris of my grandfather, we just waited £30 pounds buying it, th eguys who came to help us said that second hand keys will never work for all toyota and lexus) anywa i locksmith will be your cheapest and fastest option.. here is an index that can surely help http://www.carkeyadvice.com/united-kingdom-car-key-specialist-index hope it helps! :)

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Thanks for replying.

I understand that it wont have an immobiliser transponder built in.

Toyota want about £130 to supply and programme a new key which is more than I want to pay.

I will contact some locksmiths and let you know how it goes.



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