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01 T22 2.0D4D Dash Warning Lights

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Hi everybody,

I have a 01 T22 D4D, for the past 2 wks the Battery, oil-level & fuel-filter lights remain illuminated for about 30secs after start. It happens about 1 out of every 2 starts, the car runs fine outside of this.

Anyone have any thoughs on this?, any help is gratefully appreciated.



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I have similar problem. Had my Battery, oil_level, and fuel filter light come on surprisingly. But having those light on I was able to drive normally. Out of curiosity and to make sure my Battery is charging, I stopped my car several times. So after trying starting 3-4 times it died.I left it for a while and tried again to start. And it started. So I decided to drive back to close garage to get it checked. But before I reached to my garage my car started to die. my dash-board gone mad had all the lights on and then died completely. Which I thought, my Battery was low on power already and if alternator is not generating power then this could be a very good reason. But then is complete died. Then I called RAC, he tried to jump start but car didn't startup.

Can you please guide me how you manage to resolved your problem because that looks exactly same to me.

Your early reply would highly appreciated.



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